NEW YORK, NY: June 10, 2021 — In last night’s first Comptroller debate on WABC, business, non-profit and combat-tested leader Zach Iscol outlined an optimistic, substantive vision to revitalize the Comptroller’s office and bring results back to New York City government.

Zach rose above the field and played the voice of reason, “I think that we need to leave the personal assaults and attacks at the door. I’ve done a lot of hard things in my life. Whether in or out of combat, building businesses, making payroll, delivering mental healthcare to folks. Running for office is hard. Everybody on this stage is making sacrifices to run for office. They’re away from their families, they’re doing hard things. I can say something positive about every single person on this stage. I’ve never left anyone behind.”

Asked about the first agency he would audit, Zach talked of a new vision for making sure the city isn’t just throwing taxpayer dollars at problems, “We know that homelessness is driven by education, mental health, the economy. We need to bring the audit process into the 21st century, where we are looking at a specific problem and auditing the city’s response to that problem, so that we can actually get results…[w]e spend $3.2 billion dollars on homelessness. Yet, we’re seeing an increase in homelessness not a decrease. We need to make sure that dollars are tied to outcomes and I know how to do that.”

Zach left no doubt his life has been dedicated to public service and that he stepped up to the plate when his community needed him most, “I’m very proud that in my public service I’ve never left anyone behind. When I came home and we abandoned our translators, I fought to bring them over here. When I began to lose more Marines to suicide than I did in combat, I built one of the leading non-profits in the country providing mental healthcare to 800-1000 veterans every single week. When COVID hit the city, I helped lead Javits Medical Center as its Deputy Director and am incredibly proud of the work the team did there.”

Zach came to the debate prepared to tackle complex issues and speak directly to viewers about his vision for bringing the City back for every New Yorker.”

The City of New York needs a leader who understands what it means to serve others, someone who will roll up their sleeves and finally bring the City forward into the 21st Century. That person is Zach Iscol.

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