Zach Iscol Releases First Ads Featuring Business Owners, Community Advocates, and Veterans Endorsing Him for Comptroller

NEW YORK CITY: May 19, 2021 – This week, NYC Comptroller candidate Zach Iscol released his first three digital campaign ads featuring several business and community leaders who are invested in improving the quality of life for everyday New Yorkers. The ads started running citywide on May 17th.

The new Iscol ads, “What Does NY Need?”, “Never Leave Anyone Behind”, and “We Deserve Better” featured:

  • James Mallios, managing partner at Amali, Calissa and Amali Mou restaurants
  • Members of 700 Strong Voices Inc., which advocates for adequate, safe, and livable conditions in NYCHA housing
  • Veterans Justine Davie and Elana Duffy

The community leaders in the ads praised Iscol’s leadership, accomplishments, and plans to make New York City government work for its people, not special interests or politicians.

Here are some key quotes they shared:

Zach has had the backs of restaurant owners throughout the pandemic. He’s pushed for making sure we get the help we need and in office I know he can help bring New York City back.” – James Mallios, managing partner at Amali, Calissa and Amali Mou restaurants.

We know that Zach has our back when it comes to advocating for affordable housing and fixing NYCHA.” – 700 Strong Voices, Inc.

I know Zach has my back because of his work for veterans and mental health. Headstrong is a powerful program that’s helped me, my friends, and so many other veterans. I know Zach has not only the talent but the heart to get the job done.” – Justine Davie

  • In 2017 after a major sexual harassment scandal was exposed in the military, Justine launched the Female Marines United GoFundMe campaign and helped raise $30k for the Headstrong Project. She later sought treatment through Headstrong herself and understands the importance of comprehensive mental healthcare for veterans.

There are over 200 thousand veterans in New York City alone and I know so many of them that are not getting mental health resources now. Many of my neighbors and friends who aren’t veterans – a lot of people aren’t able to find them. In a city as big as New York with as large of a budget as we have, why isn’t more being done for mental health resources? Zach will get us the mental health resources we need and deserve.” – Elana Duffy

  • Elana Duffy is a Purple Heart veteran with 10 years of service in the U.S. Army. She founded the artificial-intelligence company to help service members and veterans connect with local benefits and resources. She’s known Zach for eight years through Headstrong, HirePurpose and Task & Purpose.

The City of New York needs a leader who understands what it means to serve others, someone who will roll up their sleeves and finally bring the City forward into the 21st Century. That person is Zach Iscol.