Share Your Story

Whether we are talking about the way we police our streets, collect our trash, educate our kids, care for our homeless and mentally ill, or support job creation and economic development – we’re operating with a decades-old mentality. And right now, we need someone who will take responsibility and solve problems.

Every time Zach has lead he has started with a little bit of faith and a lot of listening. When helping to stand up a COVID hospital, Zach knew the first thing he needed to do was listen to the doctors and nurses. He knew they were the ones who could identify what needed to be done.

And that is why he is asking you to share your story. Because this is your life and your city. And Zach knows that a good leader doesn’t just talk about their ideas, but they listen to those around them.

Tell Zach what you’re looking for in your next mayor, where you think the city could improve, or how your life has been impacted by our current leadership.