Fortune: An Entrepreneur And Former Marine Takes On The NYC Mayoral Race: Meet Zach Iscol

“You go where you are needed,” That personal motto been the driving force behind native New Yorker Zach Iscol’s entire career. After graduating from college, Iscol signed up for the Marines and fought in the Iraq War. When he returned, he saw the mental health and addiction struggles former veterans were facing, and he sprung into action to found the Headstrong Project. The non-profit organization provides free mental healthcare to former veterans and their families.

A native New Yorker, Iscol has always felt strongly about supporting the city, leading clean up crews after Hurricane Sandy, and more recently, becoming the Deputy Director of the Javits Medical Center treating over a thousand sick New Yorkers during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic last spring. Seeing his city in crisis with small businesses closing, an increase in crime, mental health struggles, and the long recovery ahead— Iscol was inspired to run for Mayor. Here, the democratic candidate explains how his military, mental health, and entrepreneurial experience make him the right candidate to lead the city during a time of crisis.

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